Artificial Intelligence Control
The Brain
A.I.L.E.E.N.N.'s Brain is an Electronic Emulation of the human brain replicating a Neural Network. Neurons and Synapses are represented by Polymorphic Object Oriented multidimensional RDBMS and connection vectors respectively. All this information is contained, mapped and represented within a multi dimensional memory array map space. This becomes A.I.L.E.E.N.N.'s knowledge and every time a specific synapse is accessed it glows on a 3D working model representing the process of active thinking.

A.I.L.E.E.N.N. appears to be conscious when inputs are compared against it's neural network, matching and identifying with Fuzzy Logic algorithms and self-learning new patterns as unknown datasets are presented. This identification of patterns along with specific rules, pre-set objectives, accuracy and restriction parameters are used to identify the optimum working area. A.I.L.E.E.N.N. then presents recommendations, corrective actions and feedback as a closed loop control system but talking human language, thus, effectively showing the behavior of Artificial Intelligence.

The polymorphic nature of A.I.L.E.E.N.'s Object Oriented RDBMS enables the learning of any pattern of any size and any dimension. Storing references, concepts, types, properties, values, 3D datasets, stereo images, characteristics and classes all with inheritance properties allows A.I.L.E.E.N.N. to receive, store, compare and identify datasets of any kind against it's current knowledge in memory and compare it to overtime behavior samples. This means that any given input like images, letters, numbers, words, paragraphs, sounds, video, contexts, trends and any dataset is learned, analyzed, identified and can be predicted by A.I.L.E.E.N.N.

The way this is achieved is by unleashing the processing power of multiple CPU and GPU clusters using multithreaded parallel processing on the code implementation and providing virtually infinite memory space for A.I.L.E.E.N.N.'s Brain to function over Cloud Based distributed processes and storage.

A.I.L.E.E.N.N. is the next step for technology evolution, it's created as a result of applying many years of multidisciplinary expertise and the latest technology all this while thinking outside ANY box.
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