About TDV


TDVision is the owner of several 3D-related patents for proprietary system architectures. Our completely new digital technology is already propelling a media breakthrough by providing an unprecedented, true HD 3D experience.

TDVision was the first company to:

Show a 3D HD compatible Blu-ray disc at CES 2008

Show a 3D HD XBox/XNA videogame at GDC 2008

To be listed as part of the MVC standard

To be named by independent analysts as the best way to deploy 3D to the Home


TDVision provides a complete acquisition, encoding, decoding and visualization platform for true 3D HD video

Business Model

Depending on the application, TDVision has created two different methods for the adoption of our technology. For Consumer Electronics products we offer a license agreement and provide total support to adopt our technology architecture. For professional applications such as Medical, Military and Education, our strong R&D team can develop a custom project to integrate TDVision capabilities into your applications.

By becoming a Licensee and adopting our technology into your applications or video games you will enable your products with impressive true 3D capabilities, turning them into a TDVReady product. The user will enjoy a true 3D-immersive experience for different applications. TDVision technology is rapidly propelling the creation of new markets and applications. We offer our clients to greatly enhance their products by embedding unparalleled cutting edge technology.

Your company needs only to invest a one-time setup license fee. Once the product has become a licensed TDVReady product then it becomes a royalty- based product.

Software simulations, visual pattern recognition, remote training, remote controlled applications and a virtually infinite number variety of applications can be enhanced by the integration of our technology by our highly qualified R&D team.

To learn how TDVision can dramatically enhance your existing application, contact our R&D department to get a Systems Engineering and preliminary project session.

By becoming a member of the TDVAlliance and supporting the adoption of our technology, you can obtain a number of special benefits. Please contact us for more information