Enabling 3D Video For The Masses.

TDVCodec is an elegant MPEG based system that enables stereo video encoding, storage, deployment, decoding and visualization without compromising quality or resolution. The TDVCodec uses all existing digital infrastructures for deployment. For the first time ever, videos can be viewed simultaneously in 2D and 3D from a single file, a concept we call "In HD 3D where available". While decoders enabled with the TDVCodec provide 2D and true 3D output on any display; any existing legacy 2D MPEG systems can be used for storage, transport and 2D playback. Videos encoded using TDVCodec are highly configurable, compressed using the 2D+Delta approach over MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, MVC and VC1. The 2D+Delta is now listed as part of MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264/MVC and the encoder allows optimization for bandwidth, compatibility, platform and disk usage.

TDVCodec modules are available as firmware updates for some chipsets, software download for PC and embedded hardware to provide a variety of out-of-the-box stereo solutions for PC, SAT, Cable, Blu-ray disc, DVD, IPTV and others. The TDVCodec decoder was originally implemented as part of the DejaView stereo playback application and is now seamlessly integrated with 3DTV and nVidia StereoPlayers

TDVision was the first company to show the TDVCodec/2D+Delta:
- Full HD encoding and decoding at CES20088
- Fully compatible with Blu-ray discs at NNAB2008
- Driving a checkerboard, line interleavedd, frame sequential, dual projector and a 2D display simultaneously with the same videostream at CES2009
- First steps of integration with Magnum CChipsets at NAB2009
- MPEG IF Master Class and exhibit of the TDVCodec at IBC2009 and seamless integration with 3DTV and nVidia stereoplayers

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