TDVPlugin for 3DS Max

Visualize your 3D Studio Max (R) models as if they were real!

The goal of this plugin is to easily convert 3D Studio Max assets into AlterSpace projects. At this time, a pre-alpha version of this plugin has been developed and tested by the software department.

Taking a 3D Studio Max file to the AlterSpace for true 3D stereoscopic visualization opens infinite possibilites:

- Walk around your environment.
- Inspect machinery and facilities remotely for training purposes.
- Full Immersion Experience.
- Real Time Interactive Visualization.


From 3DSMax to .AMP: From 3DSMax, select File->Export. A simple file browser allows the user to choose the location for export. Since multiple files and folders are created during export, users are advised to use a new / fresh folder.

Export Formats

.AMP (AlterSpace Max Project) is an intermediary file that will contain plugin import / export specific data.

.X : The Microsoft DirectX file format is used to store mesh data for geometric objects. These files are created in a MESHES folder automatically - one for each geometric object in the 3DSMax scene.


The exporter can export only the following information (as of today):

Mesh Vertices (in appropriate .X template format)
Mesh Faces (in appropriate .X template format)
XML Based Light information (in appropriate AlterSpace format).

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